Hair and Makeup Styling

HDTV- Film- Print- Runway -Live performance- Stage- Special Effects

President and Creator of Mighty Artist Productions, Inc., Alx Galasinao.

When it comes to makeup and hair there are very few rules….just the end result.

With every stroke of color or the lack there of, one inch of teasing or combed over—it all tells a story. Whether you are a World Leader, Corporate Client, Designer, Photographer, Director or Talent, Alx takes concept to full expression.

As the Key Artist for ABC-7 Chicago, Alx was able to go through the full process of a major television studio converting from analog to digital. Through this process she gained an understanding and respect for every department involved in production—not to mention time and budget. She also works with many production and talent houses all across the country. Experience through the years enables her to have an ease with whatever project she commits to.