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Alx Galasinao


Industry Expert

Emmy Award winning Hair and make up

Alx Galasinao is an Emmy award winning celebrity hair stylist and makeup artist with 20+ years of experience in the beauty industry. Having worked with beauty brands and corporate clients, she’s a sought after asset on set because of her ability to create timeless and effortless looks and understanding of time. Alx’s work has graced the pages and reels of Michigan Avenue Magazine, TCW, Food Network, E, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, O, Today Show, Fox, Nightline, Parade Magazine, and Elle Décor

As the key Artist at the #1 rated Television News station in the city ABC7 Chicago, Alx was instrumental in their transition to HD technology. Alx travels the country offering consultation services and workshops in hair, makeup and styling to TV stations
With a true working knowledge of the business, the commitment to excellence, she is able to bring about the best solutions to any challenge. Her discretion and focus on illuminating each client’s unique beauty has made her a favorite among her celebrity, corporate elite clients.

Alx is the founder of Mighty Artist Production company. When not on set or running her company, Alx donates her time to breast cancer centers, children’s burn camps in coaching reconstructive patients, on how to best minimize scarring or imperfections by balancing out their features

Alx currently resides in Chicago.